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The Travel Angel

Your personal and virtual Cicerone


The Travel Angel is a Local Advisor who wants to link tourists with the local community and the natural beauties.

The Travel Angel wants to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences and feelings. 

Through the deep knowledge of his own region, each Travel Angel will be able share some unique experiences with the traveller by planning for him an off-the-beaten-paths itinerary; in a one-to-one exchange. 

The service will be free until the 15th of April, check it out! 

Fill in the form, send it and wait for our answer to come in two hours. We will get back to you with a custom made itinerary - to let you live your holiday as a local. 

Try it now! 

If you don’t tust us, here you’ll be able to read one of our itineraries thought for you by our Travel Angel

Your Travel Angel suggests - since you are used to hike - a trip to Campiglia. 

Departure: 10 am at the bus stop in "Piazza del Mercato", La Spezia 

At the bus stop you need to jump on the bus number 20 to Campiglia. Ask the driver to show you the Acquasanta stop (five stops from the Piazza del Mercato). 

First stop: as you arrive at Acquasanta, fill your backpacks with ‘focaccia’ and local treats at the village bakery ‘Belgrado & Conte’. After that, follow the road to the mountain.. direction: Campiglia.

You'll find on the road the signs for a staircase surrounded by nature. By following the stairs, after nearly 40 minutes of hiking, you'll get to Campiglia, a lovely village on the top of the Castellana mountain - overlooking the sea. 

Second stop: from Campiglia (National Park Area) starts the trail n. 505 (ex. N.1) which gets from Riomaggiore to Portovenere.

Not far away from the centre of Campiglia, the trial splits in a different pathway which goes directly to the sea, by the 2850 stone stairs.

Get all the way down, passing through the greenery around you, looking at the blue sea and at the vineyards. You will have a total view of all the coast line, till you arrive to Punta Persico, where you can lay your tired feet in the water. 

Third stop: Punta Persico. Swim in the crystal clear water, listen to the silence and enjoy the fresh breeze. Take a break to eat your focaccia and relax in the sun (don't forget your sun cream!).

Fourth stop: 6 pm - at the end of the way up, a well deserved glass of local wine, "acciughe" - anchovies – freshly cooked with capers and thymus of the Castellana mountain. 

Way back: it's time for dinner. Just have a look at our amazing home-restaurant on our website, you'll maybe find someone around you to give you hospitality in his own place. So you’ll share a local dinner, made of tradition, friendship and good food. 


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