Golfo dei Poeti

A microcosm between mountains and crystal clear waters, where the thousand pastel colours of its small houses amalgamate with the lemons’ fragrance and the breaking waves.

 “Potesse l'arte mia, da Val di Serchio

a Val di Magra e per le Pàine al Vara
e al Golfo, tutta stringerti in un cerchio
con l'alpe a gara!”

Gabriele D'Annunzio
(Laudii, Libro III – Il Commiato)

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Portovenere  ●   Lerici   ●   La Spezia   ●   Val di Vara


Eugenio Giovando, old poet, exalted the beauty of his town , defining it an unreal painting :La Spezia Province, set at the eastern end of Liguria Region, gathers the clear water of its seaside villages, the steep cliffs , the sandy beaches, the snowy peaks of the Appennines on the horizon overlooking the valleys Val di Magra and Val di Vara and ends up with the beautiful Gulf of the Poets.

Poets, artists and intellectuals were fascinated by the astonishing heterogeneous landscape and seascape the area of the Gulf offers.

Portovenere and the surroundings
Along the promontory, going towards Portovenere and its islands, we run into
Marola, seafaring village, very well known for its ‘Sagra del raviolo di mare’ (“Festival of seafood ravioli”),
Cadimare, famous in the past for its excellent shipwrights, called ‘Maestri d’ascia’,
Fezzano, set at the foot of Mount Castellana,
and Le Grazie, which has a beautiful church called Nostra Signora delle Grazie (“Our Lady of Le Grazie”).

The view at the end of the promontory of Portovenere will be breathtaking.

In the opposite direction from Portovenere and Cinque Terre, at the other side of the Gulf, there is Lerici. 

It also is, of course, a natural beauty.







Lerici - San Terenzo - Tellaro
The town of La Spezia


It is the heart of the Gulf of Poets, lively and crowded, most of all during summer months. The town offers a lot of good opportunities to liven up your holiday and meet new people.


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Behind the Gulf of La Spezia, in the middle of the hills and among the woods, there is a little gem, Val di Vara.

Its name comes from the river that passes through it. It is a town that is often undervalued and not well-known.

Many are unaware of the closeness of Cinque Terre to this place, immersed in the quiet beauty of nature; it is an excellent starting point for a holiday, because from here you can reach the Gulf of Poets and the Ligurian coast in just half an hour.


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Val di Vara

The beautiful church of Portovenere, St. Peter, made of white and golden-veined black marble, is the outer end of our gulf. Here the coast turns west towards Cinque Terre and to eventually reach Levanto, Bonassola and the rest of the Ligurian coast.

Proceeding from La Spezia in the opposite direction, you can reach Baia Blu, a golden beach hidden in a small bay; then there is San Terenzo, one of the favourite places of the Poets that lived in this area; Lerici, with its castle, and then Fiascherino and Tellaro, beautiful for they are so small and charming. Above them the Regional Park of Mount Marcello contributes to create a frame to this beautiful area.

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