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30 Denari Ristorante

Restaurant located in a little church in La Spezia

A characteristic restaurant made inside a small church of the 1609 of the Confraternity of Pegazzano, where you can still breathe an atmosphere of ancient and suggestive aromas.

Entering our restaurant you will find yourself in a family atmosphere, furnished in a special way and designed to make you enjoy our food in a warm and serene atmosphere: You can choose whether to dine in the main room or in the small mezzanine built above It, more intimate and reserved.

Our staff is ready to guide you in the choice of our dishes and the most suitable drinks for what you eat; From a succulent cut cooked to the embers, to the famous Testaroli to get to another our specialty: the Panigacci. Our dishes are prepared with simplicity and try to meet the tastes of the clientele, even the most refined, but not leaving out those who love to eat.

Mixed ground Appetizer
A perfect appetizer to start dinner.
Steak cut
A succulent cut of bovine and/or pork cooked on the embers
Accompanied by mushrooms, rocket, radicchio trevigiano,
Grana cheese, walnuts and cherry tomatoes.
Tris of Testaroli
A classic trio of testaroli boiled with mushroom sauce, ligurian pesto
and oil-Parmesan.
Panigacci with mixed meats and stracchino
Panigacci cooked on the text accompanied by Stracchino and a chopping board
of mixed meats with mortadella, ham, coppa, speck, salami, bacon (some sausages may vary due to availability).
Desserts of the House
To conclude a dessert to choose from a Chantilly cream,
Neapolitan pastry, Nutella tart, chocolate salami (vary depending on availability being handmade).
La Spezia Restaurant
Phone number : 349 3191726 Weekly closing : Monday
Spoken languages : English, Italian


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