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Il Caminetto

Restaurant with panoramic view of the Gulf of poets

The "Caminetto" is immersed in the green of the Ligurian Hill, half an hour from the Gulf of poets and the 5 Terre. From the terrace, and from its beautiful outdoor veranda, you can enjoy a breathtaking view that embraces the valley of the river Vara to the Gulf and the Tuscan coastline.
The room can accommodate 150 people (it is also ideal for ceremonies) both for lunch and dinner, it offers its customers the possibility to have lunch and dinner in summer in an external veranda covered with wood and panoramic.
Children have at their disposal a "fun-recreational" area where they can socialize once the lunch/dinner is finished or waiting to be served.
Wide selection of wines, local and from all over Italy.

To reach Tranci go from Piano di Madrignano and climb to the castle.
After Piana Battolla.
Nearest motorway exit La Spezia-Santo Stefano Magra.

Vegetarian and vegan menus available.

Testaroli and Panigacci
Family Menu

Appetizers of the House
Focaccia of Recco
Appetizers chopping Board of Salami and cheese
Salami with Sgabei

Meat Ravioli
Pansotti Sauce of walnuts
Triangles Speck and radicchio treviso with porcini mushrooms cream
Green Ravioli of pine nuts and ricotta with tomato and cooked ham
Ravioli with Barolo and truffles with Parmesan flakes
Pumpkin Tortelli with asparagus cream or butter and sage
Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms
Tagliatelle with Pesto
Game noodles (wild boar deer hare roe and mallard only in season)
Spaghetti/penne alla carbonara or Amatriciana

Grilled Cinta Senese butter with baked potatoes
Fillet (grilled, green pepper, Barolo, porcini mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, Cinta senese with Tropea onions)
Mixed grills
Sheep's Spit
Grilled sausages
Grilled Pork cup
Florentine Beef
Fiorentina with mushrooms
Beef boot cooked in text with potatoes or tropea onions
Cut of Argentine Angus
Roe Deer and Stag

Porcini mushrooms (in season)
Contours of baked potatoes and fried, salads, grilled vegetables

Sweets of the House
Val di Magra Restaurant
Phone number : 0187935023 Weekly closing : Wednesday
Spoken languages : Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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