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Il Colombaio

Restaurant surrounded by greenery not far from the center of La Spezia

Immersed in the green, a few steps from the city, the park of Colombaio has always been the right place where the pleasure of being together is marred with leisure time. The activities present and the services offered are the expression of our concept of pleasure in everyday life: to share our time with the most dear and important people of our lives.

Since 2001, year of opening, the restaurant of the Colombaio, also known as the Casina Rossa, has embarked on a path aimed at the valorization of local products and typical Italian cuisine, through also to special revisits of dishes without ever overturning the dishes but rather emphasizing its work with a touch of personality.

Our territory, made of mountains and hills that descend to the sea, allows to offer customers a rich and varied menu, made of natural products of land and sea, of season.

It goes if the restaurant card is the union of typical Italian dishes, based on meat or fish, and recipes based on mushrooms, salami, cheeses and especially mussels and fresh fish, boast of our Gulf and the sea of the Cinque Terre.

The park and the Dogs area are available free of charge at any time of the day and evening.
*On Mondays The restaurant is only open by reservation, for events, courses, birthdays; During the holidays and in conjunction with special occasions.
La Spezia Restaurant
Phone number : 0187 712336 Weekly closing : Monday
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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