L'Ancora della Tortuga - Monterosso al mare
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L'Ancora della Tortuga

Restaurant nestled in the rocks of Monterosso

In one of the most characteristic cliffs of the 5terre you can find "L'Ancora della Tortuga"(The Tortuga Anchor).
Sea-style restaurant nestled in the rocks where you can enjoy a cuisine that enhances the ocean without neglecting the land, managed by "monterossini DOC" owners.

"L'Ancora della Tortuga" is where you wouldn't expect, dug into the cliff overlooking the sea, directly facing the Gulf of poets.
All the outdoor tables are on the terrace overlooking the sea, splendid view for romantic evenings.
Monterosso al mare Restaurant
Phone number : 0187800065
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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