Ristorante Il Grottino - Riomaggiore
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Ristorante Il Grottino

Little Restaurant in Riomaggiore

Located in the center of the village, with a spectacular vault of rocks, the venue houses 30 covered in an intimate and refined atmosphere: a cavern dominated by a suggestive barrel vault for candlelight evenings, a bright outdoor to appreciate better the village.

Ligurian Specialties of the sea, fresh fish, wines of the Cinque Terre.
A restaurant that takes advantage of a young and fresh management: Amir, the leader of cooks cooking for passion and instinct, Paolo, his partner in the room, guides the client towards the choice of dishes and wines.

It is a 5-minute walk from the train station or boat dock.
Riomaggiore Restaurant
Phone number : 0187 920938
Spoken languages : English, Italian


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