A microcosm sandwiched between mountains and clear water, where the thousands of pastel colours of its houses are lost between the crashing of the waves and the scent of lemons.


bastano pochi stocchi d'erbaspada
penduli da un ciglione
sul delirio del mare
o due camelie pallide
nei giardini deserti,
e un eucalipto biondo che si tuffi
tra sfrusci e pazzi voli
nella luce…

Eugenio Montale, Riviere

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Sarzana  ●  Val di Magra   ●   Riviera di Levante   ● Val di Vara

Liguria is not just the Gulf of poets, but it is in a strategic position to reach all
the corners of incredible beauty that this land offers to the visitors.

From Val di Magra to the tip of the Gulf of Tigullio, the rough and rocky Eastern Riviera is full of history, culture, food, fun and sea.

To miss any of what it offers would be madness.


Riviera di Levante - Golfo del Tigullio


The ‘Riviera di Levante’ is a stretch of coast that goes from Parco Naturale di Monte Marcello, on top of the hills of Lerici, to the city of Genova.


The Gulf has in store many surprises, even aa bit further away from the seaside:
for this reason Val di Magra's backcountry is easily reachable from Lerici or from La Spezia's centre.

Travelling through Roman-built ‘Via Francigena’, you will arrive to Sarzana, a town with medieval traditions, protected by two strongholds with majestic facades:
the Firmafede and Sarzanello fortresses, that open their doors to visitors all year long.


Val di Magra

From La Spezia's centre, there are unlimited ways to spend a holiday outside the box.

From Valeriano to Vezzano Ligure, from Santo Stefano Magra to Castelnuovo Magra, from the mouth of the river to the archaeological site of Luni.

The hinterland of the gulf, which has a medieval and also multicultural tradition, hosts the most beautiful castles of Liguria.

Behind the Gulf of La Spezia, on the hills and through the woods, hides a little gem. The Vara Valley, named so because of  the river that runs through it, is often underestimated and poorly known.

What many people don't know, is that Cinque Terre are close to this unspoilt piece of land, making it a great base for your holiday, from where you can reach any location of the Gulf of poets and the Riviera.



Val di Vara

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