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Antica Osteria Da Caran

Ancient Osteria present in Spezia for more than a century

Antica Osteria Da Caran has always been an institution of the city of La Spezia. An integral part of the civic heritage of a town proud of its deep roots, immersed in a land traced by stories of port and poets, is a meeting point and gathering place for the inhabitants of the break for more than a century. Osteria Dalla Veneranda age of about 150 years, in the past years it used to be a place of rest, tranquillity and recreation.

In the early months of 2016, a profound restructuring of the entire property and in all its parts took place: from kitchen equipment to pizza ovens, from masonry and the new exploitation of the interior space to the furnishing of the halls until the reclamation of the large outdoor garden and the creation of a guest house in the apartment overlooking the Osteria. In short, a reconstruction is an attempt to bring Caran to the honorable degree of Traditional Tavern, a break addressed to people of all ages and especially to the young, trying to fill the great distance between youth and past offering in his dishes a part of tradition.

The menu is rich in pizzas of various kinds

Misto Caran: cold cuts, cheeses and quishes
Müscoli aa mainaà / mussels with tomatoes and black pepper
First Courses
Mes-ciüa / soup of wheat,chickpeas and beans 
Raviei aa spezina / meat ravioli with meat sauce
Raviei de patate / potatoes ravioli with butter and sage
Fedì ai müscoli / spaghetti with mussels
Trenete ar pisto / V
Second Courses
Conigio aa spezina / rabbit with olives
Bacàa en tiàa / cod with tomato and olives
Aròsto coe patate rostìe / roast with baked potatoes
Besteca de manso aa braze / meat
Stocafisso coe patate e oive / cod with potatoes and olives
Verdùe do giorno / side dishes of vegetables
Dòssi de ca / Homemade desserts
La Spezia Restaurant
Phone number : 0187700453 Weekly closing : Wednesday
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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