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Associazione culturale enogastronomica Pigonsfocaccette

Cosy, quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the Pigonsfocaccette of Pegazzano

The Pigons is a cultural and gastronomic association, located in La Spezia in the district of Pegazzano.
Characteristic of the room is that you do not order, you eat at will at fixed price 12.90 € excluding sweets and beverages.
-Crostini with eggplant.
-Focaccette with homemade salami and cheeses. Sausages and beans.
-Vegetables and accompaniment sauces.
-Mesciua or ravioli with ragù or gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese.
-Vegetarian and vegan variants.
Home Specialty
Focaccette cooked in iron texts. With white flour, cereals or wholemeal, ravioli with ragù, crunchy tiramisu, artisan beer.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to promote the cuisine of remembrance.
Back to the origins: fresh ingredients of the area, respect of seasonality, taste and traditions.
La Spezia Wine Bar
Phone number : 3388525537 Weekly closing : Monday
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : None


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