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Il Porticciolo

Restaurant in Manarola

The story starts with Giuliana and Roberto Scorza. After they fell in love & married they decided to create their beloved restaurant Il Porticciolo in Manarola in 1972. 
They started out serving locals their favorite homemade pasta dishes, fresh catches from their Ligurian seas to lemon sauteed anchioves. Also, they have two sons named Davide and Cesear who fell in love with the family business and continueto expand it.

Davide recently restyled the restaurant and takes great pride in creating seasonal menus throughout the year for customers to experience top quality dining in Italy . 
Cesear serves in the restaurant and also owns his own wine production business called Burasca. His vineyards are located in the mountains of Manarola and other villages of Cinque Terre. These wines are featured through the restaurant and Wine & Food Bar located across the street.

Il Porticciolo’s reputation for upholding a truely authentic Italian dining experience quickly caught the attention of customers from neighboring villages of the Cinque Terre to larger cities like La Spezia. Today, it is visited by tourist from all corners of the world looking to sit down, relax, and soak in the rich beauty of this small Italian village, nestled into the mountainside.

The Scorzas one hope is that your experience within their restaurant is authentic, memorable, and tasty!!
Manarola Restaurant
Phone number : 0187 920083 Weekly closing : Wednesday
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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