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Il Timone

Restaurant Pizzeria in Portovenere

Il Timone (The rudder) is the right destination to taste the flavors and atmosphere of traditional Ligurian cuisine combined with the Italian dish par excellence: pizza.
All this with a breathtaking view of the sea in the beautiful Portovenere.
The Timone menus
Aperitif menu at Timone
Goblet of white or red wine served with various tastings of Ligurian gastronomy (from 18.00 to 20.00).
Tasting menu Ligurian cuisine (for the whole table) three appetizers among the proposals of the day first among the dishes of the day the dish of the tradition of the sweet day to choose between the proposals of the day a glass of wine in combination or water.
Gran Menù Ligurian Flavors of the oven (throughout the table) four flours in tasting between the proposals of the day chopping board of typical Ligurian salami with hot muffin chopping board with various focaccias between the proposals of the day beer 33cl or can soft drink or water.
Kids Menu A pizza or focaccia of your choice or a pasta between the proposals of the day can soft drink or bottle water.

The price of each menu refers to 1 person


-Anchovy fillets with extra virgin olive oil and oregano;
-Rudder salad with lukewarm omelette of minnows;
-The Ligurian mosciame of tuna;
-Scabeccio of anchovies (typical Ligurian dish);
-Vegetables stuffed with ligurian;
-Cod creamed with extra virgin olive oil and olive taggiasche, served with warm crostone;
-Raw oyster of the spices (5 pcs).


-The fresh sea pasta of the day;
-Testaroli with pesto and fresh tomatoes;
-The typical Ligurian soup of the day;
-Trofie Ligurian pesto with green beans and potatoes;
-Mixed Testaroli with pesto, walnut sauce, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, cheese;
-Typical Pansotti with walnut sauce.


-fried fish from the local catch;
-Foil of filleted fish and molluscs of the day with potatoes and tomatoes in the oven;
-Salad of squid warm ligurian;
-Pot of muscles at marinara;
-Pinion sausage with baked potatoes;
-Grilled beef fillet with a contour of the day.

Depending on availability and marine weather some products may be frozen but always of excellent quality.


-Tagià: Chopping board with a selection of cured meats from the Ligurian tradition (Salami Santolcese, lardo di Colonna, head in cassette), served with jam of figs, blackberries and honey. -Cavisei: Chopping board with a selection of salami typical of Parma (flake of Culatello di Parma, attracts of San Giocoare and Salame Felino) with blueberry jam and dried fruit.
-Sgrisà: Chopping board with selection of cheeses from Garfagnana and lunigiana with mixed fruit, honey and dried fruit.
-Rudder: Chopping board with Pecorino della Garfagnana and Honey of the 5 terre, Lardo di colonnade, pancetta di pignone, vegetable pie alla ligure.
-Basket of hot muffin to accompany
-Basket of Sgabei to accompany


Basket of Sgabei: Typical Ligurian product prepared with water, flour, salt, oil and yeast, after long leavening are cut into strips and fried in abundant hot oil, we serve them hot with salami: lard, head in cassette, Salami soft, accompanied by stracchino and tomato with capers and red onion.

Pizza and Focaccia

There will be numerous and gustosssime pizzze and focaccia to be able to accompany with the typical dish of the Ligurian cuisine, we produce with flour of Italian chickpeas ground still stone, baked in the oven in the typical tin-plated copper.


Desserts of our production: let us tell our desserts every day always different! Try also our great classics Scoglietti of Portovenere with Passito wine (our exclusive production!) Sweet Day pizza or sweet Sgabei

The indoor and the service are not charged

Portovenere Restaurant
Phone number : 3472601008 Weekly closing : Tuesday
Spoken languages : English, French, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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