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La Zigoela Restaurant

In the centre of La Spezia, is the restaurant pizzeria La Zigoela

In the heart of the city, near at the Naval Museum and the narrow alleys «carugi» of centre, offers the best ligurian specialties in an atmosphere from the maritime style.

The friendliness, the courtesy, the respect for simple, genuine, traditional recipes, prepared using only high quality natural ingredients are the secret for good cuisine and makes this restaurant a location where to spend a pleasant and relaxing moment.

HOUSE SPECIALTIES - The menu, created to emphasize local flavors, cover a ranges from sea foods, such as Spaghetti with muscles (mussels) or Fresh fish fillet in an almond and vegetable crust, to land dishes, such as Ligurian Ravioli or Fillet with basil and pistachio cream. Large is also the choice of pizzas, which can be realized with our special, exclusive mix of

The restaurant is always open for lunch (from 12:30 to 14:30) and for dinner (from 19:00 to 23:30)

Wild caught local anchovies cake
4,00 euro
Local mussels soup over spicy gazpacho
4,00 euro
Fresh mackerel filet and crunchy onions
4,00 euro
Mixed vegetables flan over leeks puree
4,00 euro
Combo of four starters
12,00 euro
Charcuterie (all the products are selected from local
eco-sustainable farms):
Prosciutta, cured pork belly with orange zest,
cured pork fat aged with grape must,
head cured pork with pistachios.
8,00 euro

From the sea
Spaghetti tossed with local musseles, garlic, olive oil and lemon zest
10,00 euro
Maltagliati (irregularly cut pasta) squared with mixed seafood
12,00 euro
Tagliolini with eggplant, pistachios pesto and grey mullet roe
12,00 euro
From the land
Twisted shaped pasta with traditional pesto
( with basil, pine nuts and sheep’s milk cheese)
8,00 euro
Maltagliati with asparagus and sheep’s milk cheese
10,00 euro
House made ravioli with ricotta and spinach
With fresh tomato and basil sauce
10,00 euro

Stuffed local mussels
10,00 euro
Local anchovies filled with traditional green sauce
10,00 euro
Fried calamari, baby shrimps*, anchovies
with lemon zest
12,00 euro
Octopus with potatoes, salad and dried tomatoes
12,00 euro
Vegetables and almond crusted daily catch fish fillet
12,00 euro

Piemontese “Fassona” beef shared and sliced,
served with bitter greens and pecorino romano
16,00 euro
Seared fillet mignon with balsamic vinegar and local herbs
16,00 euro
Seared fillet mignon with basil emulsion and pistachios
16,00 euro
La Spezia Restaurant
Phone number : 338 1601775
Spoken languages : English, French, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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