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Vai o Resti

Small but quaint locale

Typical trattoria with traditional Ligurian specialties and innovative dishes of both fish and vegetables.
Menu: Traditional Ligurian fish recipes


Fish meatballs with cramb & grouper € 8 fried cramb, grouper parsley, herbes.
Dressed prawn € 8 (prawn, lard, corn flour, rosemary,)
Marinated sword fish € 8 (sword fish, mixed vegetables, lemon, oil, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes)
Grouper mousse with grilled bread € 8 (grouper, mayonnaise, lemon, oil, salt, pepper, parsley)
Stuffed mussels € 6 (Mussels, mortadella (Bologna), tomato sauce, aromatic herbes, bread crumbs)
Single Starter with all the five dishes € 15
Scabeccio € 10 (marinated seafood speciality with vinegar, onion, pepper, garlic, rosemary, salt, white wine)

Main courses

“Vai o Resti” Pasta € 10
Spaghetti (pasta), sardines, brandy, pine nuts, olives, cherry tomatoes, oregano.
Pasta with mussels € 10
Spaghetti (pasta), minced mussels, oil, salt, garlic, white wine.
Seafood ravioli (own production) € 10
Ravioli stuffed with salmon, cramb, grouper, white shrimp sauce
Egg and saffron tagliatelle (pasta strips) with mussel cream (own production) € 10
Lasagna with pesto € 10 (Dishes from the land)
Sheet of pasta, pesto= parmesan, pecorino cheese, bechamel (milk+butter+flour).
Lasagna with meat sauce € 10
Sheet of pasta, meat sauce, tomato, parmesan, bechamel (milk+butter+flour).

Second courses

Stuffed mussels € 8
Minced mussels, mortadella (Bologna), tomato sauce, herbes, bread crumbs, parsley, garlic (only in the sauce)
Stuffed anchovies € 8 fried
Minced anchovies, mortadella (Bologna), tuna, bread crumbs, parsley, herbes, lemon peel.
Croquette with prawn € 8 fried
Minced prawn, potatoes, bread crumbs, parsley, herbes, lemon peel.
Grilled tuna filet € 12
Fried squids & prawns € 12
Stockfish with potatoes “alla spezzina“ € 12
stockfish, potatoes, pine nuts, olives, anchoives, sauce
Grilled Gilthead Bream € 12
Ligurian octopus (plain dish) € 14 cooking = boiled Octopus, potatoes, oil, salt, parsley, lemon
Roast au gratin ligurian octopus with raisins and pine nuts € 14
Spot of grilled Prawn € 14
Parmesan Eggplant € 10 Eggplant, tomato sauce, parmesan, mozzarella cheese, oil, basil.
Eggplant meatballs € 8 Eggplant, parmesan, eggs, flour, pepper, bread crumbs.
Courgette meatballs € 8
Courgette, parmisan, ricotta cheese, bread crumbs, eggs, corn flour, pepper, parsley.

*In case of not reachable products, some ingredients could be frozen.
Cover € 1
La Spezia Trattoria
Phone number : 0187 301669
Spoken languages : French, English, Italian, Spanish
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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