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Vicolo Intherno

Small restaurant in an inner alley of the city center

The restaurant, historical "spezzino" local, has reopened its doors, with a new management, in September 2014.
We can say that, name and "logo" apart, very little has remained as it was before.

The room has been considerably expanded, the décor has been completely renovated, favouring a refined style but not cutesy, with a touch of "spezzinità" given by the phrases in dialect that decorate the walls, ancient proverbs, popular sayings, verses of poems, which seemed to us could well represent our idea of restaurant at the graphic level. In the beautiful season, in addition to the two internal halls, you can sit in the delightful "alley" that gives the name to the room, for an intimate dinner by candlelight.

Vicolo Intherno offers traditional Ligurian and spezzina cuisine, based on the excellence of local raw materials and seasonality. Whether they are fish and shellfish, or vegetables for savoury pies, soups and side dishes, we choose and buy every morning, even at the nearby market, the products that the sea and the Earth that day have to offer and inspire us.

At daily expense we meats, cured meats, and cheeses selected by few and trusted suppliers, also mainly of our province.
We prepare ravioli and other homemade pasta, as well as sweets, from tarts to "tiramisu espresso", small "cult" among our now loyal customers.
La Spezia Restaurant
Phone number : 01871509698 Weekly closing : Monday
Spoken languages : English, Italian
Cards accepted : Most important circuits


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