Cinque Terre

The five medieval viallages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernzazza and Monterosso are spread among along the jagged coast in the most magical and romantic side Liguria, the Riviera di Levante. As a palette, Cinque Terre are between among the most beautiful and colourful Italian heritage sites

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A charming piece of land located between snow-capped mountains and crystal clear waters, where the colours of the small houses blend in with the lemons’ fragrance and the sound of breaking waves.

The Cinque Terre region is one of the most fascinating areas in Liguria, as if they were  fixed in time and far from the city’s noise and frenzy.

The medieval yet colourful atmosphere of this five villages recalls this land’s traditions, its most typical tastes and the pride of its people for their culture.

At the foot of the Ligurian hills, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are a real gem among the Italian heritage. Easy to reach, by ferry or “gozzo” –a kind of typical boat- you can admire the coast and the nature, blooming with colour during spring and summer; you can also reach Cinque Terre by train, if you love the game of light created by the windows along the tunnels, or by car or Vespa, if you want to better explore the territory of the National Park and of the Gulf of Poets.



The first village of Cinque Terre, coming from La Spezia, is Riomaggiore, which is built on the slopes of Mount Verugola. 
Its three cliffs are represented in Riomaggiore’s coat of arms and are the symbol of the village.
The lower part of the valley is filled with the authentic houses of the fishermen, now converted in beautiful apartments, that reach the sea shore, called “La Marina”, which is the original centre of this small fishing village.

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 Manarola is just after Riomaggiore and is the second village of Cinque Terre (meaning “five villages”).
It is less known than Riomaggiore and more protected by nature, since is surrounded by high cliffs.

Manarola is set on the steep slopes, enclosed by rocks that embrace it as if it were a precious pearl inside its shell.

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Corniglia is the smallest village of Cinque Terre, in a central position.
It overlooks the sea from its 90 metres above sea level.

Almost impenetrable and unreachable, it reminds us of an ancient fort, with its colourful small houses close to one another.

It is the only village among the five that has not a direct access to the sea. 

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Vernazza, as Monterosso, is probably the most crowded village of Cinque Terre, not only filled with locals but also with tourists from all over the world.

Is difficult to choose which of the five villages is the most beautiful, but Vernazza is certainly enchanting and captivating: built on a rock, defeats storms and waves; the tower of the Doria Castle being its guardian.


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Monterosso al Mare is the most densely populated village and the last of Cinque Terre.

The village is divided in new town (where the railway station is located) and old town (where you can find the old fishermen’s houses, shops and restaurants), separated from the first one with a gallery dug in the mountain and from the Aurora Tower, on the San Cristoforo hill.

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The amazing trip inside of the Unesco Patrimony is made of walks, boat rides, beautiful pink sunsets, a glass of white DOC wine, fried anchovies and the best company.

The perfect destination for a road trip with your friends or for a solitary backpacking experience, a short trip during the weekend with your partner or a holiday of few days with your family.

To make your holiday special, you’ll only need the right company and some good advice.

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